Equipment and Hardware Agreements

Equipment and hardware are necessary to every business.

Equipment and hardware agreements should not only address delivery of particular products.  They should also address ongoing services and maintenance, what happens if the equipment or hardware is defective, and any ongoing costs.

Establishing appropriate distribution channels can be important to any hardware or equipment business.  We can help you develop relationships to rapidly support growth and product reach, while retaining control over your brand.  These contracts often address, among other things, marketing, end-user terms, distribution territory, and support.

Customized hardware development can involve complex issues. We can help you navigate these issues, which may include whether the developer can replicate the hardware for other customers, how and when the customer can access, sell, or distribute the underlying IP, and how the custom hardware can be used.

We carefully review these agreements, and work with you to make sure that equipment and hardware is as-expected by your customer and service provider, and address each party’s specific business needs and concerns.