Data Purchases. Privacy Regulations. Consulting Agreements. Terms of Use. Privacy Policies.

Our Data Law Services

When it comes to data, legal concerns touch a wide range of business operations. We advise clients on data purchases and sales, privacy and personal data protection, terms of use and privacy policies, consulting agreements, and vendor contracts.

Data Purchases & Sales

Monetization of data is becoming more common, but it is important to consider regulatory requirements when buying or selling data.

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Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Businesses need to proactively address the changing privacy regulations that govern how they collect, use, store, and share data.

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Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

From obtaining consents to protecting valuable business information, terms of use and privacy polices require careful consideration.

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Consulting Agreements

Hiring consultants or independent contractors can be a cost-effective way to bring in needed expertise. But be sure to protect your rights.

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Vendor Contract Negotiations

Vendors are important to any business, but vendor engagements can also be quite risky if not carefully structured.

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