Data Purchases and Sales

Monetization of data is becoming more and more common, but it is important to consider regulatory requirements when buying or selling data.

A large number of state, federal, and international laws govern sale and purchase of personal data (including, in many cases, anonymized or aggregated data derived from personal data), and how that data can be collected and used.  Other types of data, such as public company data, is also heavily regulated under a number of legal regimes.  Whether purchasing or selling information and data, it is critical to fully understand what legal and regulatory requirements apply, who owns the data, how the data will be used, and ensure that the data can be legally sold and used in the manner intended.  We regularly assist data vendors and customers in conducting those assessments, and negotiating appropriate contracts to reflect all necessary expectations and requirements, as well as establishing internal policies and procedures to implement ongoing regulatory obligations in use, handling, transfer, and storage of data.