Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

From obtaining important consents regarding personal data use and collection to protecting valuable business information, terms of use and privacy polices require careful consideration.


Businesses often treat their terms of use and privacy policies as an afterthought. Big mistake. Privacy policies and terms of use often form a binding legal contract with the end-user, and are important tools to protect important business assets, let customers and users understand permitted use, and comply with law.

Privacy policies tell the user how their personal data is being collected and used, and may contain certain legally required consents and disclosures.  Failing to get these consents and make these disclosures could result in time-consuming regulatory inquiries, expensive litigation, and costly penalties.

Terms of use govern ownership of information and materials submitted to or displayed on your website or app, dispute resolution with customers, and usage rules.  These documents, among other things, confirm that you can own and use materials submitted to your website or app, avoid costly and potentially damaging customer complaints and disputes, and impose rules to ensure that users do not interfere with one another’s use or exploit or misuse your app or website.  Failure to clearly outline these policies and terms could result in costly disputes with customers, and even losing ownership of, or control over, your website or app.

We can help you develop or revise privacy policies and terms of use to fit your particular business model.