Capital Raise Counseling

Every business needs capital. We support our clients in finalizing successful raises to support business growth.

Raising capital comes with risks, which can be significant.  Major concerns can include how the capital raise should be structured (i.e., debt, equity, or a combination or hybrid form of these), retaining control of business direction and day-to-day operations, investor rights and percentage ownership, and required disclosures.  Also, failure to comply with certain securities and tax law requirements could have severe consequences for both you and your investors.

For founders looking to raise initial capital, we can first make sure that your company set-up is correctly, that all appropriate agreements are in place with founders, employees, and consultants, and that your company is otherwise legally positioned to work with investors and answer their questions.  We can then assist in negotiating with investors to ensure that the investment structure is appropriate to your business and its growth.

Whether raising capital from institutional or individual investors, and whether the transaction is large or small, navigating the required documentation and filings can be complex and overwhelming.  We can help sort through these details, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.